Should I?

Should I sleep for another 5 minutes after my alarm rang?
Should I open Mozilla browser which is the first thing I did when i wake up?
Should I eat breakfast at home or eat at canteen and waste my allowance?
Should I sit there do nothing everyday in office?

Should I be sad or happy when supervisor gave me tons of tasks to do today?
Should I eat as much as possible or as less as possible for my lunch?
Should I finish the task as fast as I can or do it slowly?
Should I practice my skills on Microsoft excel since i am using it everyday?
Should I go to toilet frequently while working?
Should I learn how to speak hokkien so I can communicate with Orang Penang?
Should I walk home as fast as possible after 5pm?
Should i try to cook which I am scared that I will just waste up all the food?
Should I do OT just to earn money and waste energy?
Should I think of a solution for my phone which is dead in office?
Should I wear format attire tomorrow?
Should I start my task straight away when i reach my seat?

SHOULD I~~~~~~~???? =D HEHE

*Really nothing to write lar*

Should improve this drawing of mine? XD

Tigers vs Chicken @ Penang

Yo everyone I am yoyo =P. For those who know me sure know my full name lar but for those who dunno me then sorry lor and you better ask yourself why you are coming to this blog lol. Anyway, if you know me well you should know that i dun really like blogging coz it is too mafan. But there is a logic function which can describe the reason why i create this blog page:

IF(my boredness > 35% && I have internet connection) then { I WILL BLOG XD!!!};

I must mention first that i am not really sure that i will still be blogging or not after today so please don't leave any bad comment in my cute clean blog with only one post hoho.

Alright let's start with something related to the title of this topic. Basically I am now doing industrial training in Penang. Everything is still acceptable accept two as follows:


Let's see something very interesting which I took nervously today!!
Alright as you can see i am walking IN BETWEEN the road to get to another side. Before reaching this road i have been walking for 20 minutes from the place I am working at. Maybe you can't really see from the picture but it is VERY dangerous ler so i try my best to walk as carefully as possible. they say roads are just like tiger's mouth which i totally agree with as I were just like a helpless chicken on the street..... T.T

Maybe i will search for another way to cross that heavy traffic. That road take me 5 minutes as i don't really dare to cross hastily. Everytime when i stood there for 2 minutes just to make sure the cars are still far away for me to cross the road, there will be 5~6 pro foreign labours with bicycle passing me and crossing the road successfully. While thinking should I play chasing game with those speeding cars, I will still stand still just to wait those cars to slow down and keep telling myself "I WANT TO GO BACK HOME SAFELY!!!"

Well i guess that's all from me today. If you have any comment just post them in my blog. I will continue to update my blog if mood arrives! 3Q for reading my first post =D!!